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Dora Lewis


We employ cutting edge and disruptive techniques to craft a multi-faceted platform from which we successful launch our artists into the music industry. With the addition of our branding-building know-how, social media savvy, and our unparalledled network of inluential media contacts, we maintain your artist momentum to ensure optimal engagement.
We assist our client in developing an effective marketing strategy across all our services to guarantee the desired result within your budget.

Traditional Marketing

One of our core operation is our understanding of the point of connection and transition between digital and offline marketing for our artists. Our offline expertise varies from Music video concept creation, production and deployment on popular music video stations, radio airplay, Alaba album and single mixtape distribution pan Nigeria (audio & video) to drive awareness for our artist.

Lyrical Composition and Arrangement

Great music begins with a great lyrical composition and excellent arrangement. We offer services ranging from song writing, lyrical review, music composition and arrangement, demo review etc.


We do more than design: we harness over a decade’s experience in digital strategy to build brans in a way that will resonate. From coours to names to lagos and overall visual presence, we have the entire style guide covered. But anybody can make an artist look great. What makes us truly different and disruptive is music marketing data.

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Digital Marketing

We have a wide range of experience in digital marketing and we have learned much from our successes. Ranging from Google Ads, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Third Party Platform.

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Digital Publicity

We have built a remarkabe media network with contacts randing from editors to radio DJs to bloggers and influencers. We know the people who can get you where you need to be talked about, from the biggest outlets specific to niche publications , specific to your genre.

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